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Leena La Bianca was Born 1/5/69, an Italian, grew up in Colorado. She paid her way through college, where she studied Electrical Engineering, by topless dancing. In the late '80s, Leena did a few amateur sexvids for $3500 and found that she liked them. After a few years doing amateur movies, Leena moved to Southern California and in 1992 met Nikki Wilde who advised her to stay out of porn. Leena wanted to become a hairdresser in mainstream films but that didn't work out. While working as a cocktail waitress in Long Beach,

Leena called Odyssey Video who offered her an exclusive contract. She signed it and settled in Porn Valley with her musician boyfriend. Leena turned out a couple of features a month for several years in addition to writing a regular column about her porn experiences for Looking Glass magazine.

Leena said "I don't have to act, because you get to know these people and develop sexual desires towards them. It's real."

Even after breaking up with her boyfriend, Leena refused to date men in the biz. "I need to be on good terms with the people I work with and I don't want to chance blowing that rapport."

Initially, the variety of hot girls confused her. "When I'm in a scene, I want the other girl to enjoy it too, but if I've never seen a pussy shaped like this, what am I supposed to do?"

Francesca Le advised her to ask, so Leena spent a month finding girls who liked to be licked, and practicing on them.

In Frank Marino's Eight Is Never Enough, Leena plays a detective on the trail of three mobsters. "A must-see pile-up for Leena fans,". Leena's porn credits include The Brothel, Hot Tight Asses 5 and Intimate Journey. Lovely Tall Rangy Redhead started her own series called Sister Snatch before leaving porn to appear regularly in HBO's series Sherman Oaks.

Leena's real name is Kathleen M. Runco.

In late 1996, she starred in Sweet Hostage, the L.A. theatre's latest take on porn.

In a deliberate parody of a Botticelli Venus rising from the waves, she descends naked from the bedroom above to the Jacuzzi below to open the show.

"What follows is a raucous, mostly-nude twist on the porn biz. Leena plays sweet, naive pornstress Ivory Snow (a Marilyn Chambers nod) who lives with egomaniacal control-freak producer Chuck Snider. There's a stoned, dumb stud married to a hysterical, bulimic, overweight actress in an endless series of comebacks. The menage is invaded by a gun-toting Linda Loveless (guess who), who wants Snider to sign a release that not only grants her custody of their child, but also title to her own body, which she signed over to him in her porn days."

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